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Discover How The Secrets of Magic  Can Change The Life Of Your Child!

John Reid’s Tricky Business Magic Academy is part of an innovative national educational program specially designed to help children ages 8-12 discover key life skills while learning to perform easy & fun magic tricks.

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John Reid’s Tricky Business Magic 

Academy is NOW Online!

• Learn from the comfort of your own home 

• Small classes for individual attention 

• Members only area to unlock bonus content 

• 4 distinctly different courses 

• Includes 8 custom created magic tricks 

• New classes starting soon – Don’t Miss Out!

Give Loads of Fun with Magic Classes To Your Child, While They Develop Better Online Learning Skills & Improve Important Life Skills!

Hidden in these fun and interactive classes are simple and powerful life-changing lessons. Through the act of performing magic and working with others, your child will develop priceless communication and people skills – without even realizing it.


Performing magic does so much more than just promote self confidence. Throughout the program, your child will explore their creativity, practice speaking skills, and develop sequential thinking. At the end of the program, your child will have cool magic tricks, new perspectives, and unforgettable experiences.  

Discover Magic is a One-of-a-Kind, Internationally Recognized Program Created by Some of the Top Magicians of Our Time

Tricky Business Magic Academy is taught exclusively by  John Reid — Nominated as Long Islands Best Artist 6  consecutive years! He was awarded the first golden key of excellence award for his contributions to the art of magic,  presented by master magicians; Lance Burton, Mac King the late Johnny Thompson.

John Reid was also  presented with the Society of American Magicians North  Atlantic Region Award of Excellence.


Johnny Thompson, Lance Burton, John Reid, Mac King

John Reid’s Tricky Business Magic Academy Reviews & Comments from Happy Parents!

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Discover Magic is a Life Skills Course Cleverly Camouflaged as Magic Classes

For centuries, the best magicians have learned the secrets of magic from other magicians. 

With the Discover Magic program, that tradition continues as the secrets of the art are passed down from magician to young magician. 

Every Discover Magic class features...

  • Custom Created Magic Props

  • One of the Traits of a True Magician

  • Develop priceless communication and people skills like creativity, confidence, planning, and practice that last a lifetime without even realizing it.

  • Magic tricks taught that are specially designed to encourage and reinforce the life skill being focused on in each lesson.

  • Small class size which allows Tricky Business Magic Academy to provide more individual attention to each student as they master new skills while learning to perform easy & fun magic tricks.

  • Special bonus material the kids can unlock online with a secret code after each class.

8 Traits of a Magician

Performing magic does so much more than just promote self-confidence. Throughout the program your child will explore their creativity, practice speaking skills, and develop sequential thinking. At the end of the program, your child will have cool tricks, new friends, and unforgettable experiences.

Here’s What You Get With Every Tricky Business Magic Academy - Discover Magic Course!

You get more than just great magic you can’t get anywhere else. Everything is designed specially for children ages 7-12 and made to fit their hands perfectly. 

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  • All of the course materials needed for every class are mailed directly to your home. Individually packaged for each Tricky Business Magic Academy Lesson.

  • Top notch instruction taught exclusively by award winning, leading Magician and performer – John Reid.

  • Each lesson teaches social skills to help your child develop communication, people skills and confidence.

  • 8 Top Secret File Folders

  • Easy to follow and understand written directions

  • 8 Unique Custom Made Tricks

  • LOTS of cool tricks with household items

6 Additional Benefits of John Reid’s 
Tricky Business Magic Academy for Your Child

Child learning magic online in a virtual setting
  1. Fun and Games with each lesson

  2. Access to additional free online content forever

  3. As a student of John Reid’s Tricky Business Magic Academy, you’ll access special bonus videos and content that’s not available to non-members with a secret code after each class

  4. Email follow up for parents with magic effects learned during the course. Sparking additional interaction about the course with your child.

  5. Personalized follow-up by USPS Mail just for your child.

  6. BONUS: on Fridays, "office hours" are open just before dinner-time on Zoom for practice sessions and to answer any questions your child has about what they're learning.

Discover Magic students come away confident and ready to share what they have learned with family and friends.  Plus, each magic trick reinforces a critical life skill that goes way beyond the magic.  

 Tricky Business Magic Academy Helps Unlock Your Child's Inner Potential


Studies have shown that the art of magic helps students build key life skills like self-discipline, self-confidence, and interpersonal abilities.

In fact, scientists frequently study magicians’ techniques to gain new insight into how the human mind works.  The Discover Magic course is an educational program specifically designed to teach Respect, Creativity, Confidence, and Preparedness, among other things. 

The Eight Traits of a True Magician; They are Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving.

Parents of Discover Magic Kids have described the program as “transformational.”

  • They’ve seen little things, like their kid spontaneously opening doors for people.

  • And they’ve seen big things, like a kid who would never order on his own at a restaurant actually make eye contact with the waitstaff and politely ask for what they want – for the very first time.

  • We’ve heard about families laughing and connecting in new ways because they’ve come together to watch their kid’s magic show.

  • And we’ve bumped into alumni of the program, years after their experience, and heard firsthand how their magic teacher made such a difference in their life.

Don't Miss these Upcoming Tricky Business

Magic Academy Classes. Sign Up Today!

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Each of John Reid’s Tricky Business Magic Academy Wand Courses are eight (8) weeks and are 60 - 90 minutes in length. There are 4 complete 8-week Tricky Business Magic Academy courses! This is a great way for your kids to build skills from course to course. We recommend starting with the Purple Wand Course - Unlocking Secrets, this helps build a strong background in the basics of magic.

Classes fill up fast as we limit the number of students per class, so everyone gets individual attention. Click the button below the scheduled Magic Academy class to sign your child up now!


Purple Wand Course

Unlocking Secrets

Purple Magician.png

No current dates scheduled

This is a great course to begin your child's Magic Academy Training. Only $300, ask about our sibling and friends discounts.

No current dates Scheduled

Select this course if you have already completed the Purple Wand Course. Great next step in your child's Magic Skills training… Only $300, ask about our sibling and friends discounts.

Green Magician.png

Green Wand Course

Unlocking Mystery

No current dates scheduled

Select this course if you have already completed the Purple Wand Course. Great next step in your child's Magic Skills training… Only $300, ask about our sibling and friends discounts.

Orange Magician.png

Orange Wand Course

Unlocking Wonder

Blue Magician.png

No current dates scheduled

Select this course if you have already completed the Purple WandCourse. Great next step in your child's Magic Skills training… Only $300, ask about our sibling and friends discounts.

Blue Wand Course

Unlocking Curiosity

*Don't forget to ask about our sibling and friends discounts!

I am so confident in the magic classes that I offer, Tricky Business Magic Academy comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, and no hard feelings 100% money-back guarantee.

Tricky Business Magic Academy Two Part Risk-Free Guarantee!

1. If your child is not thrilled after their first magic lesson, simply let me know, return the remaining lessons within 7 days, and I’ll cheerfully buy it back from you at the full purchase price. And, I want you to keep the first lesson materials for your child! Return the remaining unopened lessons in your packet to receive the full 100% refund at no cost to you, I'll even email you a postage-paid return label for your convenience.

2. Due to these uncertain times, we know life can be unpredictable and if your child's schedule suddenly changes, through no fault of your own, I will do everything possible to move them into another class at no additional cost to you. They will be able to pick up right where they left off enjoying the fun, magic, and learning important life skills.

John Reid   Tricky Business Magic Academy

Register for John Reid's Tricky Business Magic School to Unlock Your Child's Inner Magician!

Here's How To Get Started:

The currently available course dates are in the link below, so go ahead and 

If you have additional questions, 

please feel free to contact me directly: 

John Reid

(516) 528-1118

John Reid’s Magic Blog...

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  Magic Classes

Lond Island Magic Classes

John's second passion is teaching, and as the sole long island representative of the Discover Magic program you can enroll your kids in magic classes not offered anywhere else!


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