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Magic adventure camp is a five day long virtual camp experience unlike any other!!!

What is Magic Adventure Camp?!?!

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More importantly, kids learn social skills during this time of social distancing!

Each day, campers will open up one of their top-secret envelopes and will be taught by a super fun LIVE interactive instructor. Every class is filled with games, physical challenges made to get campers moving AND magic tricks that will keep them busy offline for hours.


Our special ONLINE Magic Adventure Camp is a great way to get started learning magic with TheTricky Biz Magic Academy OR if you have taken any of our magic courses it’s the perfect way to keep adding some incredible magic to your collection.

Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and make objects levitate just to name a few!!

Each day is a journey to a different destination filled with adventure!


Starting at "Blast Off Bay" for an out of this world experience, all the way to the "Hokey Pokey Forest" where we will play games and learn about exotic wildlife !!

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What are the camp ages?
Children ages 6-12 are permitted.


Q: Where is camp located?
Virtually through Zoom.

Q: How will I receive my magic tricks?
All magic tricks are individually packaged in top-secret envelopes and placed in one box. Campers should not open any of the envelopes until instructed.

All tricks will be mailed the week before magic camp begins.

Q: How long does a daily session of virtual magic camp last?
Online camps run 60-90 minutes and is filled with games, learning magic, physical challenges, practice time, surprises and so much more! There is additional time added to each camp for extra  practice, creative brainstorming, Q&A, games, etc.

Q: What is the maximum number of campers allowed?
ONLY 20 campers per week! Quality over quantity. We want to make sure that our fun interactive instructor is able to see every camper on one screen!

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Spring break Special!

Summer Programs

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