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“Build Confidence, Communication, & Creativity with This ‘Stealth’ Character Education School Assembly”

This School Assembly Program Teaches Your Students Important Self-Esteem Skills + Secrets of Magic!

Designed for grades 1-5

Everyone in education knows how important character education is for childhood development. But school assemblies on this topic are often preachy, long-winded…or nonexistent!

It’s easy to lose young children when teaching them traits like trying your best or self-confidence. These valuable skills are sometimes difficult for kids to internalize. What if there was a “stealth” way to instill these ideas in your students?

Introducing… ‘Secrets of Magic!’


School assembly performer John Reid guarantees your students will love this program. ‘Secrets of Magic’ does exactly what the name says. Your students will learn the true secrets of magic during this interactive school assembly program. But the real secrets of magic are not trap doors, mirrors, or hidden strings.

The true secrets of magic are:

A 45-Minute Character Building School Assembly Program Your Students Will Love

  • Make it FUN

  • Think of OTHERS

  • Do your BEST

school assembly program presenter John Reid with 3 volunteers
school assembly program presenter John Reid with volunteer
school assembly program presenter John Reid with volunteer

Magicians who follow these rules get better results from their shows. And people who follow these rules get along better and go further in life!

That’s the true secret of this assembly. Kids are fascinated by magic. Magic has never been more popular. And that’s the true magic: by combining the secrets of magic with effective character-building lessons, kids learn important life lessons. And they may not even realize they’re learning!

But you may be wondering, how difficult is this assembly to host?

school assembly program presenter John Reid cartoon

5 Reasons Why the "Secrets Of Magic" Character Education Assembly is So Easy to Host

After performing thousands of programs over his 23+ year career, John Reid knows how busy schools are. Every day is a bustle of activity. Incoming assembly presenters must be self-sufficient and easy to host.

Below are 5 reasons why John Reid’s programs are a breath of fresh air:

  1. Fully Insured – John has never had any kind of accident in a school. Ever. But he’s fully insured to satisfy your district’s insurance requirements and for your peace of mind.

  2. Fast Set-Up & Breakdown – John knows that the assembly performing area will likely be used for another purpose before and after his shows. To make your life easier, John has designed his programs to set up FAST, in less than 30 minutes! His show breaks down just as quickly, freeing up the performing space for its next use.

  3. Perform Anywhere – Do you host your assemblies in the gym? Auditorium? MPR? John’s programs can easily be set up in any space you need. And he can even perform outdoors! (For the record, most performers refuse to perform outside!)

  4. Self-Contained – Some assembly performers need to borrow the school’s PA system, tables, cords, microphone, and the list goes on. But John Reid comes fully prepared. He brings everything he needs to put on an incredible show. And he even provides his own PA system and microphone, making ‘Secrets of Magic’ easy to hoist.

  5. Experienced in School Show Performing – Some performers are not familiar with the school process. From parking issues to security to purchase orders, there is a lot your performers need to be familiar with. After 23 years, John is an expert in all aspects of performing in schools. No hand-holding needed!


Yes, John’s shows are self-contained. But he gets the results you’re looking for.

school assembly program presenter John Reid with volunteer
school assembly program presenter John Reid with volunteer

5 Here's Why You May Not Be Able to Book "Secrets of Magic:"

Assembly presenter John Reid is one well-traveled guy! He’s performed in 14 countries and 48 states in the U.S. Currently he performs in New York, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia, and other states.

With that kind of territory, his schedule fills up fast. To prevent your students from missing out on this amazing educational experience, contact John’s office today. Call 516-528-1118 to find out if your preferred date is available.

Or click the button below. You’ll receive ‘Secrets of Magic’ instantly for your committee to review.

We look forward to serving your school’s students!

It's amazing! My son loved every second!



This was the most amazing show! My son loved all of it. he was sad to see it end.


PTA President

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