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Tricky Business Presents...

This Amazing ‘Stealth’ STEM/Science School Assembly Teaches Your Students About Everyday Science…Without Realizing It!”

Your Students & Faculty Will Love Learning the ‘Secrets of Magic!’ School Assembly Program

Designed for grades 1-5

What is a “stealth” STEM or science school assembly?

Simple. It’s an incoming school assembly on science that teaches scientific principles under the guise of teaching magic tricks. After all, there is a ton of science within magic.

Let’s face it: many kids think science is boring. But learning magic? That’s popular with children. And magic has never been more popular!

By combining important science/STEM lessons with a topic kids already love, you’ve got the makings of a wildly popular STEM school assembly.

But it has to be fun. And presented by a master presenter.

school assembly program presenter John Reid
school assembly program presenter John Reid with 20 volunteers

Presenting the ‘What is Magic?’ School Assembly on Science

‘What is Magic?’ is presented by school assembly expert John Reid. John has been performing professionally for over 23 years. After presenting thousands of fun-filled and interactive programs, he’s an expert at engaging children of all ages.

‘What is Magic?’ reveals the true secrets of both magic AND science, including:

  • How art can be magic

  • Why Math is a powerful tool in Magic

  • Critical thinking

  • Boosting self-confidence

  • And MUCH more!


But the show is not just a dry, boring lecture. ‘What is Magic?’ is packed with fun and interactive magic, including:

  • Disappearing & reappearing objects

  • GIANT magic wands

  • One student FLOATS in the air!

  • And even more fun!


Best of all, after the show, students receive instructions on how to do several fun magic tricks on their own. By providing them with interactive take-home fun, the wonder, learning, and fun extend well beyond the assembly itself.

5 Ways the ‘What is Magic?’ School Assembly Holds the Attention of Your Students

Many assemblies suffer from several problems. Maybe the kids in the back can’t see everything. Or they can’t hear in the back row. Or the presenter just lectures on and on, causing the younger students to get the ‘wiggles.’

That won’t happen during ‘What is Magic?’ Here are 5 reasons why your students will be glued to John throughout the entire assembly:

  1. Interactive Fun – The easiest way to engage any audience of any audience is by involving them. John invites several students onstage to help during the show. And the entire audience gets to help several times, too!

  2. Large Easy-to-See Props – Many magicians use cards or coins for their tricks. But John brings large, colorful props that are eye-catching and designed to spark curiosity.

  3. State-of-the-Art Sound System – After thousands of performances, John knows that in many schools, using the in-house PA system is hit or miss. That’s why he brings his own portable sound system and microphone to ensure every student can hear every word.

  4. Backdrop & Signs – John brings a colorful backdrop and signage to every show. The backdrop helps focus your students’ attention and the signs reinforce key concepts from the program.

  5. Hilarious Fun – Everyone retains more information when they are having fun. That’s why John loads his programs with jokes, sight gags, and kid-friendly hilarity throughout the show. Students and adults will have fun laughing at John’s silly antics.


"What is Magic?" will entertain your students while educating them. Your faculty will love how John cleverly integrates the lessons into the magic and fun. Most of all, you’ll look great for bringing such an amazing educational assembly program to your school!

school assembly program presenter John Reid with volunteers
school assembly program presenter John Reid cartoon

"John Reid’s show encapsulates everything a school both could need and want in a positive presentation for students that supports their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs."

- Thomas Osborn,Ed.D.

School administrator & Educational consultant 


Book the STEM/Science School Assembly Highlight of Your School Year Now…
While You Can

John Reid has been performing his unique brand of magic programs for over 23 years. And because he travels to New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Vermont to present school assembly programs, dates do go fast.

To avoid disappointment, contact John now, while it’s on your mind. You can reach him in two ways:

  1. Call him directly at 516-528-1118 for the fastest response.

  2. Click the button below.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


"John, the show is absolutely amazing!!!!

The kids loved it so much!!!"

- Sandra D Cimino

PTA President

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