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Long before Tricky Business would open its doors as a magic shop, young magician John Reid began performing magic to audiences in 1996. Just one year later he would throw balloon twisting into the mix to expand his repertoire. After honing his craft and developing his signature style for 13 years, John opened Tophat Magic Shop in May of 2003, a precursor of great things to come! Tophat Magic Shop would remain under John's ownership for 2 years before he'd pass the torch by selling it to go on hiatus. 

John sprung back into the game in 2005 when he inherited David Cresey Products from the "King of coils" himself, David Cresey. David Cresey crafted a foolproof method of making and manufacturing masterclass mouth coils and other products favored among magicians worldwide! Having learned the ways of the trade from the master himself, John continues to carry on the Cresey products reputation of the highest quality, although in a more limited capacity today.

The opening of John's second magic shop Tricky Business in 2009, four years after taking over Cresey, would pave the way for what Tricky Business has grown to be today. Originally opening in Hicksville on Long Island John would move to an East Meadow location 2 years later. The store remained there, delivering a wide variety of tricks and resources for magicians of any caliber, until October 1st 2015.

John chose to close the shop in order to focus his efforts on performance once again as well as focus on education. Not only does John still perform shows and twist balloons, he also teaches magic classes and gives lectures on both the national and international scale! His ever growing talents with balloons have led him to a world record, and several other businesses such as Epic Balloons and College Balloons. 

John was also a key collaborator in the creation of the Something book, you can get the full story and purchase at

About Tricky Business

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