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Magic Club Graduates- Out in the World!

Our recent class of Tricky Business Magic Academy graduates has been out in the world for a couple weeks... and now they have some super fun, creative, AMAZING magic tricks with them, as well as vital life skills and real-world abilities! Check out these awesome photos!

We can't get over how much fun this was a few months ago! One of the highlights of this class's graduation was an adorable thank you note I received from one of my students, Ben! Reading the letter gave me such a smile and reminded me why I do what I do! Check out a picture of his note at the bottom of this post. Thank YOU, Ben!!

We always have a huge blast with these before and after-school magic clubs, and we've already started planning even more for 2024. We've also got several one-day wonder assembly programs that are perfect for your school... check out everything we offer here, and when you're ready to schedule contact us! Together we are going to continue making 2024 the best year yet, one young magician at a time!

Happy Almost February, from the Tricky Biz Family!

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