The green wand course teaches students about the different types of magic. Experience for yourself what Other parents already know

Green wand courses start Approximately every 6 months with small class sizes to ensure The best quality of instruction as well as more individualized attention.


Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how topredict the future, make objects appear out of nowhere and make dollar bills multiply just to name a few.

In addition to integrating the 8 Traits of a True Magician, the Green Wand course places a special focus on learning the 8 basic types of magic tricks. This course is a great next step in your students path in the magical arts.

Custom Magic Tricks included:


• Gifted

• Radical Ropes 

• Total Chaos

• Money Maker

• Future Card

• Picaso Pouch

• Trapdoor

• Lucky Winner


Custom Materials included:


• Key Cards

• File Folders

• Graduation Certificates

• Magic Wands.