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Giving the gift of magic!

My heart swells every time I hear from this community we've created around teaching magic, self-confidence, creativity, and gratitude.  


And we have an idea! 


A few very thoughtful followers have asked me to put together a scholarship program for kids who would benefit greatly from my program but may not be able to afford the cost at the moment.   I am loving the outpouring of support from my communities and the generosity of these families!  


So, we're going to try something...

While available, you have two different ways to participate:

  • To sponsor a magician: 
    If you would like to share the magic and sponsor a scholarship, click below to send a youngster through my Purple wand course where they will learn the basics of magic, as well as play games, boost their self-confidence, expand their imaginative play like never before, and learn how to introduce thoughtfulness and gratitude into everything they do.

  • Just head to the Purple wand registration page and pick any session and click book now

  • register with your name and for the child name please use the word "Sponsor"  filling out your address allows the student to send a thank you letter if they choose.

  • use code SPONSOR at check out to save 50% of the cost and I will select a  young applicant and help them start their magical journey.

  • To be a magician: 
    If you have a child whom you think would greatly benefit from this program, write me an email explaining why and I will present it to the folks who are sponsoring the program.    

This is an experiment, but if it goes well, I may keep this program going.  


So, please join in if it appeals to you, and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

"My sons are practicing their tricks and performances with each other... I've never seen them get along so well!  And they keep saying 'thank you' -- it's a miracle!" 


-Christie, parent of Xander and Brayden, ages 9 and 13

What Other Parents are saying:

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