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So, a few of my very thoughtful followers have asked me to put together a scholarship program for kids who would benefit greatly from my program but may not be able to afford the cost.

I love the outpouring of support from the different communities I am in and the generosity of these families.

So now... while available, you have two different ways you can participate:

  1. If you have a child who you think would benefit greatly from this program, please apply, explaining why this program would be a great fit and I will present it to my sponsorship board.

  2. If you would like to share the magic and sponsor a scholarship, click here to learn how you can send a youngster through my Purple wand course where they will learn the basics of magic as well as play games, boost their self-confidence, and expand their imaginative play like never before.

If you choose to be a sponsor, I am offering a 50% discount, so for $100 you can give a child 8 weeks of extraordinary fun! (Learn how on the Sponsor page!)

Being able to teach magic has been an absolute gift and I would love to spread more smiles with a little help from you. :)

P.S. keep your eyes peeled for something NEW and exciting around the corner!

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