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Rise and Shine Campers!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Well guess who got some good news the other day? ( I’ll give you a hint… he has a funny mustache and teaches magic)

Well I found out that on Tuesday, myself and a few magic teaching friends of mine, got a shout out on the ACA (American Camp Association)website in their blog post!!

This is a big deal for me as a magic teacher. I have been an instructor at magic camp for over 20 years and to get recognition from them was truly an honor. I have been pouring my heart and soul into these classes and their acknowledgement tells me i may just be doing something right:)

If you haven't already signed up for and taken my spaghetti madness workshop, Elisa's family restaurant in North Bellmore has sponsored one this Saturday!! Head over to to sign up and register, we still have a few seats left. If you have already taken that workshop, fear not! I’m working on another one coming up shorty, so keep your eyes peeled for “ The Infinity TUBE”!

If you know someone who might want to join, please share the class info with them

Thanks again for being part of this journey with me

And always remember;

Spread magic … not germs!!

John Reid

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