The W.O.W

Magic Workshop

*kids 7-12*

These lessons are a fun way to introduce youngsters into the world of magic . It is a Sponsored workshop for kids (ages 7-12) to learn how to do three amazing tricks using things from around the house!

What is the

WOW Magic Workshop?

Extraordinary FUN

that makes GREAT kids appear.

In Spaghetti Madness

You'll Learn:

• How to make an object DOUBLE in size.

• How to make money APPEAR from thin air.

• And one of my favorite CARD TRICKS

Or Maybe..

In The Infinity Tube

You'll Learn:

• How to See through a solid object

• How to make an object Levitate

• And Make cards Teleport!!

Seating for this event is limited, so please register here to reserve your space today!

Andrea Lohman, The Douglas Family,

Purple Owl Productions,, 

The Steinbergs, The Marvin Family, Andrea J Burns

Elisas Family restaurant, Bradley Pierce,

Pam Burns, The Osborns, The Marianos

These One Day Wonder programs have been brought to you by the generosity of:

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