The W.O.W

Magic Workshop

Spaghetti Madness

*kids 7-12*

What is the

WOW Magic Workshop?

This is a great FREE workshop for kids (ages 7-12) to learn how to do three amazing magic tricks using things from around the house!

You'll Learn:

• How to make an object DOUBLE in size.

• How to make money APPEAR from thin air.

• And one of my favorite CARD TRICKS

Seating for this event is limited, so please register here to reserve your space today!

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Filled/Past Classes:

Andrea Lohman, The Douglas Family,

Purple Owl Productions,, 

The Steinbergs, The Marvin Family, Andrea J Burns

Elisas Family restaurant, Bradley Pierce,

Pam Burns, The Osborns, The Marianos

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