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Reach out now for Fall Semester Assemblies!

Hey there, everyone!

We love summer, but we're getting SUPER pumped to start up our assembly programs again next Fall! As you might know, we've got some really amazing options for including magic in your school's curriculum from one-day wonder assemblies to full before or after school magic clubs! Click the links below to learn a little more about our top two one-day wonder assembly programs.

Our first option is our What is Magic? program. We come and teach your school about how magic can inspire children to learn about STEAM principles!

The next option we have is Secrets of Magic. Students learn that the real key to performing good magic (and learning or growing in life in general) is believing in themselves.

One of our favorite parts about these courses is the inconspicuous ways in which the kiddos get to learn about the world around them. Every student is learning so much about how to become a better student, performer, learner and person, but when they learn through magic they have twice as much fun while doing it!

Let us know if you have any questions about these programs. We'd love to get your school on the books today! Email with all your questions and inquiries!

Hoping you all had a happy Fourth of July!

PS: Here's a super fun photo of a friend of mine and me at the White House for a Balloon gig back in 2009! I'm super old!

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