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Interactive Magic Shows for Your Schools!

Hey folks!

As you may know, I offer several magic programs for schools throughout the year... My before and after-school programs are currently sold out for the fall, but I'm still open for many assembly-style shows during the day! Currently, there are two options for these shows; my "What is Magic?" STEAM show and my staple "Magic, Laughs, and More":

1. What is Magic? This show is an interactive performance that uses STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) principles and relates them to magic. Through entertaining and astounding tricks, I teach the kids about how magic, at its core, requires every STEAM skill to be done well. Each child receives a simple magic trick with instructions to take home so they can not only practice the skill but amaze and astound their family and friends too! If you're looking for an educational, STEAM-based event, this is the show for you!

2. Magic, Laughs, and More. This show is a family comedy magic show. It's silly, fun, and, well, MAGICAL! I bring a few folks on stage to help out with various parts of the show, and it all leads up to the grand finale where the audience's imaginations help to levitate a child! If you're looking for giggles and overall fun, this is the show for you!

Both of these shows are BOCES-approved performances. Contact me with any and all inquiries!

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