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Infinity Tube is here.. And right now... It's free to join!!!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I have been workshopping my latest WOW workshop for a few weeks and I'm Excited to offer a free class, Courtesy of my Patreon supporters, this coming Tuesday. I still have a few seats open. If you know a young person 6-12 that is interested in learning a few tricks, head over to to register for the "Infinity tube " class. 100% free and uses items from around the house. If you have taken the " Spaghetti Madness" class you'll love this!

"what is the infinity tube" you might ask?

In this 30 minute workshop your student will learn :

• How to See through a solid object

• How to make an object Levitate

• And Make cards Teleport!!

So..Tell a friend and sign up today!

And remember lets

Spread magic... not germs!

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