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It's been a While!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I have been missing this Blog area the past month and a half! I have been working on new classes, updating the site and developing new programs and virtual assemblies for schools and libraries.

Let's just say... it's been a busy fall. I'll have more on that in an upcoming blog, but for now... some changes!

Changes for the better though. See, in the past, I had been running my courses two days a week for 4 weeks, but with as much online stimulation as the kids are going through, it was just too much. So I have adjusted accordingly and I am now offering classes one day a week for an 8 week session. Parents and kids alike have absolutely approved! :)

Not only is this more manageable for folks, it means you can stretch those dollars out a bit further.

Here's what's starting SOON: I have TWO Green wand courses coming up, starting on October 27th, there's a 3 pm and a 5 pm (ET), a Blue wand course starting Nov 2nd at 7 pm (ET), as well as a Purple wand course (which is hands-down my favorite course to have a student start with) and that one starts on Saturday Nov 7th at 3pm (ET).

I hope to see some familiar faces as well as new friends! but in the meantime, remember...

Spread magic, Not germs!!


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