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2020 was a great year!

Ok, ok I know what you're thinking ... " John Reid, you have clearly been drinking too much of Grannys special eggnog"

But hear me out. This year was clearly an epic disaster in many ways. But In a lot of ways there have been some good things that have come out of it for me. Both personally and professionally. Staying at home has helped me learn to be more present in what I am doing. It has taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things. My communication with the community has definitely gotten better( I am really trying to keep up with the weekly blog posts :), I have created over a dozen new programs for families including my online classes, workshops for schools,Libraries, camps, scouts and private events, A lecture for other magicians teaching them what I have learned and implemented, and even two brand new magic shows that are exclusively online! I have taught thousands of young people magic from all around the world , six countries and almost all 50 states!

As far as personally, I have learned to cook healthier meals, I have made it a regular practice to keep in better contact with my family and I grew a vegetable garden (saddest potatoes you've ever seen)

My point is this. If you can, try to find one thing .. just one, that you are thankful for that might not have otherwise happened without all the madness that 2020 dumped on us. I think you might discover that there is a silver lining to that raincloud ;)

Here's to 2021 and from my family to yours I am wishing you lots of health, wealth, love and laughter in your home this coming year

For more info on the programs I have created please check out the online courses section on my website or follow me on Facebook :)

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