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Online Library Programs!

These programs have been adjusted to fit Libraries needs and budgets. I am happy to say that these programs have been presented to over 20,000 virtual students in the past 2 years alone. Sign up your library to find out what others already know!!

The W.O.W

*kids 7-12*  •  35 - 40 Minutes

What is the WOW Magic Workshop?

This is a great workshop for kids (ages 7-12) to learn how to do three amazing magic tricks using things from around the house! we have different versions of this program perfect for groups or repeat families.

You'll Learn:

  • How to make an object DOUBLE in size.

  • How to make money APPEAR from thin air.

  • And one of my favorite CARD TRICKS


Spaghetti Madness

You'll Learn:

  • How to see through SOLID objects.

  • How to make money LEVITATE.

  • And how to make playing cards TELEPORT through the deck!!

Infinity Tube


You'll Learn:

  • How to make cards magically FLIP OVER in the deck.

  • How to make a quarter SHRINK.

  • How to BEND steel with our minds.

The Secrets of Magic


Seating for this event is usually limited to 15-30 devices so please let me know if you think you will exceed so I can better prepare.

Online Shows for Teens.

• 40 Minutes

*Ages 12 & Up*

"The Power of the Mind: Smart Magic for Smart Kids." Using books, playing cards, and other everyday items, John engages the audience's five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense!

The Power of the Mind

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Online Balloon Twisting

• 60 Minutes

*Ages 12 & Up*

This class is taught online with a limit of 15 kits delivered to the library.

Bend, Squish, Twist!!


One Day Wonders


• Minutes

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I'm working on uploading 2 more courses... Please check back again soon.

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