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Online Library Programs!

These programs have been adjusted to fit Libraries needs and budgets. I am happy to say that these programs have been presented to over 4000 virtual students in the past 12 weeks alone. Sign up your library to find out what others already know!!

The W.O.W

*kids 7-12*  •  35 - 40 Minutes

What is the WOW Magic Workshop?

This is a great workshop for kids (ages 7-12) to learn how to do three amazing magic tricks using things from around the house! we have different versions of this program perfect for groups or repeat families.

You'll Learn:

  • How to make an object DOUBLE in size.

  • How to make money APPEAR from thin air.

  • And one of my favorite CARD TRICKS


Spaghetti Madness

You'll Learn:

  • How to see through SOLID objects.

  • How to make money LEVITATE.

  • And how to make playing cards TELEPORT through the deck!!

Infinity Tube


You'll Learn:

  • How to make cards magically FLIP OVER in the deck.

  • How to make a quarter SHRINK.

  • How to BEND steel with our minds.

The Secrets of Magic


Seating for this event is usually limited to 15-30 devices so please let me know if you think you will exceed so I can better prepare.

Online Shows for Teens.

• 40 Minutes

*Ages 12 & Up*

"The Power of the Mind: Smart Magic for Smart Kids." Using books, playing cards, and other everyday items, John engages the audience's five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense!

The Power of the Mind

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Online Balloon Twisting

• 60 Minutes

*Ages 12 & Up*

This class is taught online with a limit of 15 kits delivered to the library.

Bend, Squish, Twist!!


One Day Wonders


• Minutes

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I'm working on uploading 2 more courses... Please check back again soon.

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