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What is Magic?

One Day Wonder Magic Class

Stand-Alone Awesomeness

*kids 7-12*

Available both in-person or Virtual!!

Throughout history “STEAM” has been used to keep things moving forward. The program offered here is how to use the principles of magic to uncover, or even discover, the secrets of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Learning how to use these principles builds creativity and boosts self-confidence all while strengthening students’ communication skills.
Each program comes with a “Top-Secret” file folder that contains instructions for even more magic effects that participants can engage with long after the program ends. 


What is the

1-Day Wonder Magic Class?

This 1-Day Wonder is a stand-alone magic class with all of the excitement and focused attention of the full course, but only 1/8 the time commitment.  (This is also an easy way to gauge whether or not our student would enjoy the full course.)  


Kids (ages 7-12) will learn how to do three amazing magic tricks using things from around the house, PLUS receive a top-secret file folder which not only explains all of these magic tricks, but comes with a custom-made magic prop that they can perform with over and over, just like a Magician! 


In addition to teaching the secrets to several clever magic tricks, this class also teaches the three fundamental keys to being a great magician, which they can carry with them wherever life takes them.

You'll Learn:

  • A mathematical principle that allows you to PREDICT THE FUTURE. 

  • train your mind to move objects 

  • How to use the power of SCIENCE to defy the laws of nature. 

  • And access to secret Video tutorials to review anytime after the class is complete, ensuring students can continue learning and performing their magic.

For Pricing and availability
please contact John at
516 528 1118

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