1-Day Wonder

Magic Class

Stand-Alone Awesomeness

*kids 7-12*

What is the

1-Day Wonder Magic Class?

This 1-Day Wonder is a stand-alone magic class with all of the excitement and focused attention of the full course, but only 1/8 the time commitment.  (This is also an easy way to gauge whether or not our student would enjoy the full course.)  


Kids (ages 7-12) will learn how to do three amazing magic tricks using things from around the house, PLUS receive a top-secret file folder which not only explains all of these magic tricks, but comes with a custom-made magic prop that they can perform with over and over, just like a Magician! 


In addition to teaching the secrets to several clever magic tricks, this class also teaches the three fundamental keys to being a great magician, which they can carry with them wherever life takes them.

You'll Learn:

  • A mathematical principal that allows you to PREDICT THE FUTURE. 

  • The story of Houdini and a lesson on how to make your first ESCAPE. 

  • How to use the power of SCIENCE to defy the laws of nature. 

  • And a custom-made PROFESSIONAL magic trick that can be performed over and over!

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