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Time is a funny thing...

If you are like me the past 10 months may seem like a decade. But it got me thinking a lot about time. When I was a kid I made a time capsule and squirreled it away in my mother's attic, years later I unearthed it and boy what a trip!!! I read a letter I wrote to myself, found some baseball cards( I already checked... they aren't worth anything :) and I found a trick from my very first magic set. Even back then I had a spark for magic.... the baseball thing never really worked out :)

I found a wiki on making a time capsule for your kids, I thought this might be a fun project for them to let their creativity go wild. Finding off screen things to do right now is challenging to say the least, but hopefully you might find a little fun in a project like this :)

In case you're looking for other things to pass the time, I have a new Purple Wand Magic course starting January 11th that is taught virtually, however the practicing, games and performing last for hours after class is over!

Perhaps I'll see you there :)

in the meantime remember let's

Spread magic ...Not Germs!

PS... I have always had a thing about time...

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