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Spring has Sprung! So, here's a free offer.

There is definitely a change in the weather and I am loving it!!!!

I have been wrapping up some of my wand courses, planning my Graduation parties and summer camps, and making a LOT of classroom visits...

Have you set up a FREE classroom workshop yet? You haven't? Why not?!?!

Just email me at and I will pop into your child's class, virtually!

In 30 minutes, the whole class will learn 3 tricks and some amazing skills.

  • Perfect for grades 2-6

  • First come, first serve - while I still have time slots available! :)

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe, and in case you're looking for some off-screen activities, I have attached another one of my Fun Sheets for you to print off and share with the kids. :)

See you all soon and Remember... Let's

Spread magic.... not Germs!!


Download PDF • 958KB

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