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In case you missed it ...

It's been a wild ride the last few months. I have launched a BRAND NEW version of my show "What is magic?"

It was the first show I completely rewrote in years and frankly.... it feels great. It was long overdue. I had gotten so comfortable doing my old show " Magic, Laughs and more" that I hadn't changed anything in almost 10 years. The pandemic time forced me to adjust and grow and ultimately be veeeeery uncomfortable on stage.

This summer I'll be traveling a bit more and I am partnering with several camps to bring my NEW magic workshops to life.

Also .. in case you missed it...

Foam at your home is not only back...It's GROWING!!!

It's bigger,

It's badder!

It's... bubbley-er!!!

We will have some new faces joining the crew and I am already compiling new playlists for the new season:)

Head over to our Instagram and Face

book and give us a follow to meet the new faces!

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