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Free programs and spring break!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Spring has officially sprung and I for one couldn't be happier!!!

I wanted to make a quick post about TWO free magic workshops coming up this week, along with the spring break Magic Adventure Camp which is still on sale.

First up: we have two sponsored programs!! We have teamed up with Island Counseling LCSW, PLLC, AND Momee Friends LI!!

  • We are doing a late-night program on Tuesday at 8pm EDT (3/23)

  • And a Saturday morning program at 11:30am EDT (3/27)

These classes are Free and seating is limited! I'm hoping to see a few faces there. :)

To register for one of these two programs, click HERE!

Next up: we have a special Magic Adventure Camp Spring Break Edition!!! Only a dozen or so seats are left!!! This is a perfect way to keep the kids occupied in the early afternoon, while they are off from school.

  • Right now, it's on sale for $25 off! That includes the kit and shipping!!

  • 90 minutes a day of games, puzzles, prizes, and of course, lots of magic!!

What could you do with 90 minutes a day of guilt-free YOU time? :)

Happy springtime!

And remember, let's

Spread magic... Not Germs!!!


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