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Are you looking for a safe way to keep your child engaged after school?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Well I may be able to help! I have just added THREE new purple wand classes starting August 25th, September 15th and September 28th. they meet two days a week for about 70 minutes a session. I have also decided that anyone who registers for a class before august 28th will be able to receive a $40 discount off the price!

Use the code NEWSLETTER at checkout and the price drops from $200 to $160 including delivery for all 8 sessions!

On September 1st I will be raising the price to $225 so now is the time to save big. I am keeping these classes to less than 10 students to make sure I can give the right amount of attention to the individuals.

Private sessions are available as well as sibling discounts.

Give your child the opportunity to learn amazing magic while further developing vital communications and social skills. I am so proud of this program and would love for your family to be part of it too.

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