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"Are these classes for me or my kid?"

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

So last week a mother reached out to me after her child graduated one of my courses, and in the email she wrote:

"This was so great for her but, really, I can't tell you how much I look forward to knowing I'll have a couple hours (the class and then the practice time after) to take care of myself."

"I know she is engaged, I know shes having fun, I know she learning something interesting and I know she's developing this confidence I have never seen before. And knowing she's really taken care off, I can take care of me. I am signing her up for the January class because I need it as much as she does. Thank you!"

I asked if I could post these few lines because when I started these classes I had two main goals...

  1. Share the art of magic with kids and give back the way my magic teachers gave to me

  2. and also pivot my business to survive this pandemic.

There was a weird side effect though, more and more parents are telling me how my class affects THEM. I never would have expected as many parents telling me that my class was responsible for them finding time to focus on their own self care. It is kind of nice to know that there is a ripple effect with magic :)

If you are thinking about bringing a little magic into your home this winter please check out my next few course options. Feel free to message me to find out which option might be the best one for you!

And Remember , Let's

Spread Magic.... Not Germs!


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